Sally Yates admits the Office of Legal Counsel deemed Donald Trump’s travel ban lawful and overrode it by looking outside the Executive Order

America's Watchtower

  Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified in front of the Senate today about her decision not to enforce Donald Trump’s travel ban (this decision led to her being fired) and she admitted that the Office of Legal Counsel deemed it lawful but she decided to overrule the counsel.

  Here is some of the transcript:

Cornyn: Ms. Yates, this is the first time that you’ve appeared before Congress since you left the Department of Justice, and I just wanted to ask you a question about your decision to refuse to defend the president’s executive order. In the letter that you sent to Congress, you point out that the executive order itself was drafted in consultation with the Office of Legal Counsel, and you point out that the Office of Legal Counsel reviewed it to determine whether, in its view, the proposed executive order was lawful on its face, and…

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