Senator Ed Markey spreads fake news on CNN

CNN yet again…

America's Watchtower

 I have been accused by the left on a couple of occasions for using links to websites both here and on Facebook from less than credible sources. I am just a small time microblogger and I understand that I do not really influence anybody, I am just sharing my opinion. I always try to use legitimate stories but I have made a couple of mistakes.

  Ed Markey, on the other hand, is a United States Senator from Massachusetts who really does not influence anybody (sorry, could not help making that dig!) and as such he has a responsibility to make sure his sources are legitimate. He has a full staff and there is no excuse for him in not doing his homework. 

  However this did not stop Ed Markey from appearing on CNN to spread fake news about Donald Trump and the Russian investigation. Here is what he…

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