It’s not helping to have liberals patronizing immigrants with manifest nonsense about America being “a nation of immigrants!” If U.S. schools still taught U.S. history, this would not come as an exciting surprise, but America is not a nation of immigrants. It’s a nation of British and Dutch settlers. We all have a stake in preserving what they created—“we” meaning all of us, except the very rich and the Democratic Party. If America disappears—the America liberals hate and Wall Street is indifferent to—everyone will suffer.

Despite a hegemonic propaganda campaign about all cultures being equal, they aren’t. Americans are utterly unprepared for the cultures being imposed on them, and the media cover-up can’t hide the truth forever. People notice when their little girls are raped and killed by Mexicans, their Arab shopkeepers commit honor killings, their Hmong neighbors are pimping out little girls and clubbing German shepherd puppies to death, their Indian landlord is importing concubines, and their Chinese acquaintances are murdering their wives out of “humiliation.” They notice when Albanians and Russians move in—and suddenly their communities are hotbeds of human trafficking, Medicare fraud, and “crash for cash” auto insurance frauds. They can see when their national parks are closed because Mexicans have dumped trash, set wildfires, planted pot farms, and scrawled graffiti on ancient Indian petroglyphs.

This is a price the elites are happy to pay. Of course, they aren’t the ones paying it. The Third World invasion being aggressively hidden by the media will never make it to Park Avenue or Nob Hill. The price is being paid exclusively by ordinary Americans. Almost alone in the world, white, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon America has been a haven for minorities, women, children, plants, and animals. None have fared so well in any other culture. As the lawyer for two Iraqi men charged with child rape in Nebraska said, America’s views about women and children “put us in the minority position in the world.”40 Once America is gone, there won’t be anyplace left to go.”

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