Charles Grassley to open Judiciary Committee investigation into James Comey’s firing

More spaghetti thrown at the wall.

America's Watchtower

  It is pretty clear that the Democrats’ plan to halt Donald Trump’s agenda through endless investigations is working fairly well. Even if nothing comes from the investigation the Democrats have already achieved a victory by basically neutering the President–the Congress is doing nothing of note and that is what the Democrats have hoped for. Sure they want to take down the President but if all they accomplish is halting his agenda I think they will be happy–other than the violent alt-left which seems to believe Republicans must die.

  But the Democrats are not alone in this plan, they have allies in the Republican establishment who would like to see Donald Trump go down–John McCain comes to mind for one but there are others.

  Can we add Charles Grassley to the mix? I am not sure, maybe he just succumbed to Democratic pressure, but today he announced the…

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