SCOTUS to Decide if Gay Rights Trump Everyone Else’s Rights Todd Starnes ~ Todd Starnes (Townhall)

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will tackle a culture war powder keg – should a Christian baker who opposes gay marriage on religious grounds be forced to participate in a gay wedding?

In other words, do gay rights trump everyone else’s rights?

The justices said they will consider a case involving Jack Phillips, the owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado. The issue: can the government coerce a person to create artistic expression that communicates a message with which he fundamentally disagrees?

“There are a number of artists across this nation who are being coerced into violating their religious convictions or having to choose between their right to create artistic expression that is consistent with their faith,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner told me. “This kind of government coercion is unconstitutional.”…

christian baker jack phillips

…Ms. Waggoner said this could be a history-making decision for the Supreme Court.

“At issue is whether an American has a right to speak and live consistent with his beliefs on what marriage is – and consistent with his religious convictions,” she told me.

It’s been a difficult time for Mr. Phillips and his family-owned bakery.

Ms. Waggoner said the state’s civil rights commission compared the baker’s stance to “slave owners and perpetrators of the Holocaust.”

“He lost nearly 40 percent of his business based on what the Colorado courts did,” she told me.

battle flags

And there are many other Christians across the fruited plain who are suffering much like Jack Phillips has suffered – simply for following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“I would urge them not to violate their religious convictions because not only is it their duty to God to be acting consistent with their conscience, but it is their First Amendment right secured by the Constitution,” Ms. Waggoner said.

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