Woman Vandalizes Truck Sporting Confederate Flag, Then Hits Driver ~ BEN MARQUIS (Conservative Tribune)

It is indisputable that the incessant vitriol and rhetoric from the left has emboldened some liberals to act out against their opponents in ways they may not have otherwise.

Such appears to be the case in Charleston, South Carolina, where a woman was just arrested after she vandalized a man’s truck that sported a Confederate flag and injured him with her vehicle as he obtained her license plate number, according to WCIV.

The woman identified as Lee Ann Walters is alleged to have torn a Confederate flag novelty license plate off of the front of the truck and then backed her own vehicle into the truck’s owner as she fled the scene.


The victim suffered an injury to his knee when he was hit by the woman’s car and received medical attention from EMS workers at the scene.

He nevertheless managed to obtain the license plate number of the woman who hit him and provided it to the police, who promptly tracked the woman down at her home and arrested her.

WCIV reported that 44-year-old Lee Ann Walters was charged with malicious injury to real property and leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury.

Walters is believed to be an associate attorney with a local Charleston legal firm known as Duffy & Young LLC.

It is unknown what motive, if any, prompted Walters to vandalize the truck and hit the truck’s owner with her own car, but tensions still remain high regarding the Confederate flag in and around Charleston after the tragic mass shooting at a black church a couple of years ago.

Regardless of the woman’s personal feelings about the Confederate flag or if she believed it be “offensive” or symbolize racism, she had no right to remove a Confederate flag novelty plate from the man’s truck.

She also most certainly didn’t have the right to nearly run him down in her own vehicle because she didn’t like the way he had decorated his truck or held a different opinion regarding the Confederate flag.

Unfortunately, this woman’s insane actions didn’t happen in a vacuum, as far too many on the left have been seemingly encouraged to lash out both verbally and physically against those with whom they disagree by the intense narratives of racial identity perpetuated by the progressive left.

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