D.S.Journal “Enough is enough already”

Entry 6/30/2017

Today fellow Seekers, Enough is enough already!!!

trump tweet_001

The POTUS and the Republican party overall have had a stellar week. With key parts of the Presidents travel ban taking effect, two pieces of legislation getting passed that help law enforcement actually enforce immigration laws, and some movement (even though at a snails pace) forward on getting Obamacare repealed. Oops almost forgot, the Russian collusion scandal slowly unraveling and finally seen for what it is…complete leftist spin.

With all that taking place. What does the MSM grasp onto? A proverbial “Life ring” that the POTUS himself throws out there. The whole war of words via Twitter. I for one have said MANY times that the POTUS’ “Twitter License” should be revoked. We finally have the left on the ropes, ready to put them on the mat and WHAM! The 12 year old comes out of the President’s twittering thumbs yet again. Mr. President, cut the S**T!!! Pay attention to the issues at hand and let the left drown in their own filth. They will…if you let them.

Let’s get back to what you do best Mr. President, “Make the deal”. Put your phone down and pick up that pen. Get to work and put them all to shame. Show them who the BIGGER and BETTER man is. One woman said it best…

you can do it

This was a short one fellow Seekers. But it was to the point. What are your thoughts?

Seek & be kind,

Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

“Seek something, say something.”

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