D.S.Journal ~ Today fellow Seekers, “Time to stop drinking MSM’s kool-aid.”

Entry 7/11/2017

Today fellow Seekers, “Time to stop drinking MSM’s kool-aid.”

I’ve been asked many times about why I took up DSJ’s mantle. I don’t have a specific time when I decided, but I knew for a long time that someone had to say, “WHEN”. I know I’m not the only one taking on the good fight, but we need more. Way more than are out here doing so now. I’ve lost friends and estranged loved ones over this last election cycle, but so be it. This country means way more to me than any one person willing to keep drinking the kool-aid and turning a blind eye to what MSM and it’s followers are doing to this country.


Enough is enough fellow Seekers. We need more people, more activists speaking up. Standing up for what’s right. For way too long we’ve been silent or just outright lazy and complacent. Myself included. No doubt there.

The “Legal Eagles” have had 9+ months to get whatever they think was going to prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) any collusion on DT’s part or any of his administration. Before, during and up to now (since the election). They’ve come up with absolutely SQUAT. Nothing. Not one shred of proof in order to bring forth charges against DT or anyone affiliated with him. Enough with the BS investigations.

The Russian interference with the election. We supposedly know/knew that “something” happened. But up to this point the specifics are still unclear. Knock off the rehashing of the subject and address the REAL problem. More security surrounding the elections. To include a legal form of ID to be able to vote. As well as security online and offline to assure that whatever meddling may have happened, can’t happen again. Pretty simple huh?

kool aid2

Time to start bringing down the MSM and it’s BS stories to simply bring down the POTUS and anyone that supports him. Time for several “Defamation” charges to come to fruition. See how quick they back off and stop the efforts to obstruct those that WE voted in. That’s right. We VOTED them in. Those of us who are considered Deplorable, Ever-Trumpers, the “Forgotten Men and Women” that were FINALLY heard. Bring them into court…they’ll stop.

Mr. President, you said we would be “Forgotten no longer”. “All the proof of a pudding, is in the eating”, Mr. President and we are starving. Time to prove what you started. Drain the SWAMP as promised.


There a way more stories that I could address here fellow Seekers, but that we’ll save for the next helping. Let’s get to work and knock off all the in-fighting. Not just DT but all of those whom we voted for. Stop giving MSM the ammo needed to stir the swamp and start to truly DRAIN the live crap out of it.

I will leave you with a clip from Fox’s Hannity. From his monologue last night. It was perfect as well as the inspiration for this entry. Enjoy…

Seek & be kind,

Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

me heart flag2_001

“Seek something, say something.”



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