Bombshell Kathy Griffin Photo Surfaces… Don Jr. Set Up Shocker ~ BEN MARQUIS (

The media is all worked up again about suspected collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia, this time regarding a previously undisclosed meeting between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016.

According to The New York Times, the meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya — ostensibly to obtain damaging information about then-Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — information that wasn’t actually produced — was arranged by a British music publicist and former tabloid journalist Rob Goldstone.

Goldstone, who represents a Russian pop star that is the son of an oligarch, became acquainted with the Trumps when he participated in the process of bringing the then-Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013. But it appears Goldstone has been palling around with all sorts of other people as well, including disgraceful leftist comedienne Kathy Griffin.

People reported that Griffin recently posted a picture to social media of herself and Goldstone hugging, and wrote, “Don’t recall taking this photo with Russian intermediary Rob Goldstone, but I am in my Dynasty hat waiting for my interview with Mr. Mueller.”


Griffin was referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been tasked with investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. It is unclear when the picture of her and Goldstone was taken, but People suspected it was from around 2010.

The team at Twitchy noted that the tweet from Griffin seemed to add quite a wrinkle to the already strange story of the Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer. Twitchy also shared a tweet from one of the reporters who broke the story for The Times, Maggie Haberman.

“Right this is what this story was lacking,” tweeted Haberman, linking to the story from People.

This is quite the plot twist, and potentially raises more questions about the entire narrative on the left of Russian collusion, who had contact with whom and when, and if ulterior motives were at play at any point. Also, it leads one to ask if the meeting was an elaborate set-up to entrap Trump Jr. in a compromising situation.

In all likelihood, the picture of Griffin and Goldstone means nothing, just as the short meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer meant nothing, as it reportedly involved nothing more than a conversation about Americans adopting Russian babies and run-of-the-mill opposition research that every campaign engages in at all times.

But rest assured that the singularly-focused media will keep digging and slinging mud until they either find what they’re looking for or dig all the way to Russia themselves.

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