Islamic State Calls On Muslims in the West to Attack US and Europe ~ Pamela Geller (


There are no lone wolves in the global jihad. It is a worldwide war in which education, income, color, race are of no import. There is but one objective — holy war in the cause of Allah.

This call to holy war evokes Linda Sarsour’s call for a jihad against against President Trump. It’s all of a piece.

The good news is that President Trump is routing these savages.

isis followers


By Zoie O’Brien, The Express, July 11, 2017

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) has made a desperate online plea to its band of brainwashed followers to carry out more lone-wolf attacks as the barbarians are battered in Mosul.

By Zoie O’Brien, The Express, July 11, 2017:
The dream of creating a caliphate to expand the terror regime across the middle east and into Europe has crumbled as western-backed forces battered Daesh in war zones in Iraq and Syria.

And ISIS has begun its own social media campaign calling for lone attackers as Iraqi troops head west to liberate ISIS-controlled villages.

Supporters of the sickening regime, which is responsible for horrifying terror attacks across Europe, including the UK, are now being rallied online.

A vile campaign has started urging people to go out on the streets of Europe to kill men, women and children.

A video, posted through ISIS channels, features a fresh-faced boy, who appears to be a young teenager, dresses all in black and calls for attacks.

An earlier “booklet” being circulated gives advice on attacks.Homemade bombs and weapons are featured in the pamphlet which has decided not to re-publish.It features diagrams on how to assemble a deadly 
isis boy
ISIS use young boy in their latest video which calls for murder across Europe and the US
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