D.S.Journal “Game of Drones”~Kevin “Doc” Burgess

Entry 7/13/2017

Today fellow Seekers, “Game of Drones”


It’s absolutely unreal, what’s going on in the swamp these days. How can they be so blind to the real issues facing this country? And how can we be OK with the way Washington is leading the charge against the man WE voted in? WE voted the POTUS in and the MSM and the left is so out of control it’s ludicrous.

The Washington Leftists and the MSM are truly playing a deadly  and dangerous game.

OK fellow Seekers, here’s the analogy…

Imagine we are sitting down to a feast in the great hall (oval office) of “Kings Landing” (Washington D.C.). There’s the King (President Donald J. Trump) sitting atop the prize he just won not 6 months ago. The “Iron Throne” (chair behind the desk). We are standing around waiting for his address before we partake in what should be a glorious meal.

Now as we all know back in those days there were all kinds of rodents and vermin (MSM and the Left) crawling around all castles (the White House in this case). The King delivers a glorious speech and receives raucous applause. We then dig into the feast and anticipate the dancing and fanfare after the meal is finished.

While we are enjoying all the food and wine our hearts can desire, the rodents and vermin are never satisfied with the mere scraps that fall from the tables. As well as having no comprehension of the Kings speech or any banter they here from the idle chit-chat of the Kings people. They could if they truly listened, but there’s no want to do so. They hate the people and the King especially because of their twisted mindsets. They are mere rodents/vermin after all.

The merriment continues through the night and the people enjoy themselves completely. But the rodents and vermin scurry back to their nests to prepare for the next day. They’ve heard all they WANT to hear and eaten the scraps from the floors and even some tables that were left unwashed and are now preparing OUR FOOD for the next day.

As “We the people” sleep. They are scurrying around pissing in our wine and shitting on all our food for the following days. Twisting our nourishment (daily news) that we’ll be feeding on and upsetting our stomachs (trying to convince our minds to seeing things their way). The rodents and vermin are never happy with the fact that they eat better than most of the peasants and serfs that humbly serve the Kingdom. Or that they have a King that cares more for the people of the seven Kingdoms (United States) and not THOSE across the Narrow Sea (the MSM, Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, Globalists, SJWs, Cuckservatives, and lazy Republicans that were unhappy that their candidate lost and their agenda would soon be moot).

So, we eat (listen) the tainted food (MSM’s new version of reality) and our stomachs (minds) are so upset by what we’ve ingested (heard or seen) that we question ourselves and try to hold it down and digest it. DON’T!!! Spit it out!!! Stick your proverbial finger down your proverbial throat and cleanse your pallet. Don’t listen, watch or take in any of their BS. That is truly the only way WE will win the “Game of Drones”.

trump game of thrones

The rodents/vermin in this analogy are the parasitic loafers that infest this great country of ours. They will disease OUR minds and sit idly by just watching the infestation eat away at the very fabric of this sovereign nation of OURS. Don’t let that happen. It’s entirely up to US on how this country moves forward.

The POTUS needs us more than ever. Make sure you pay attention when you listen, watch or INGEST your news and political stories of the day. The MSM and the left take advantage of the long game…hoping we’ll tire and become lackadaisical yet again. They feed on complacency and love a LAZY populace. They’ve been at this for decades at this point and they thrive on the “Short Term” memories of  those of us who’ve been beaten down and some who’ve simply given up.

If you’re one of those who feel beaten down. Shake it off!!! If you think you’ve been beaten. You haven’t!!! The “Game of Drones” is still in full swing. It’s a never ending game, if you will. For those of you who are still in the game…FIGHT ON! And help those who are a little down trodden or beaten up get them back in there too.

We’ve said it here before fellow Seekers. Stand up! Speak up! Scream if you must! But do something. Fight fire with fire. Most importantly…DON’T GIVE UP!

We’ll let this go here fellow Seekers. No doubt we’ll pick this up again. Stay Strong.

Seek & be kind,

Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

me heart flag2_001

“Seek something, say something.”


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