Fake news: Donald Trump snubs a little boy in a wheelchair

MSM and the Left at it again…

America's Watchtower

  If you have any left-leaning friends on social media you may have seen the video being circulated over the last week that purportedly showed Donald Trump snubbing a little boy in a wheelchair. If you have not seen it here is the video:

  It looks pretty bad doesn’t it? There is no way he did not see the little boy raising his hand so it must have been intentional and it goes to show you that the President is a “monster of narcissism.”

  However the video did not show what happened just before the President started shaking hands. Here is what happened when Donald Trump entered the room, skip to the 2:19 mark:

  The deceptive video was first propagated by Democratic staffer, Ansel Herz, who later removed the tweet and apologized for the “lack of context” but not before it was picked up by many celebrities…

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