Legal loophole means Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman may never face criminal charges. ~ ROBERT SPENCER (


This is indeed likely, since Mohamed Noor was a golden boy, a showcased trophy: a Somali Muslim on the police force. He was kept on the force despite his manifest incompetence, and now it is likely that the Minneapolis political establishment, as committed as ever to playing identity politics with the force rather than hiring and firing cops on the basis of merit alone, will try to sweep this entire incident under the rug.

“No justice for Justine Damond? Legal loophole means the police officer who shot Australian woman dead as she stood in a driveway may never face criminal charges,” by Daniel Peters, Daily Mail Australia, July 27, 2017:

The U.S. police officer who shot dead Australian woman Justine Damond as she stood on a driveway outside her home may never face criminal charges.

Rookie cop Mohamed Noor is maintaining his silence and continues to exercise his legal right not to be interviewed by investigators probing Ms Damond’s death.

However, when the shooting becomes the subject of an internal police investigation, Noor will be compelled to provide statement or face the sack from the force.

The only catch is, any statement he provides during the internal investigation cannot be used in a criminal case due to a legal technicality, the Star Tribune reports.

The law is known as the Garrity Warning in Minnesota, and means that public employees under internal investigation are given the option to provide information or face disciplinary action.

‘Because you are being required to provide information under the threat of disciplinary action, the information you provide, and any evidence resulting from the information you provide, cannot and will not be used against you in any subsequent criminal proceeding,’ the warning reads…

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