D.S.Journal, entry 8/2/2017 today fellow Seekers, “Which path do we take?” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

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Here we are fellow Seekers. At the proverbial fork in the road. A crossroads of sorts. but which one do we take? Do we follow the certain doom of the Democratic path? The one towards the ruination of this sovereign nations of ours? Or the Republican path perhaps? The one that flips and flops on the road like a dying fish…uncertain what it’s path actually is. Or perhaps…just perhaps. It’s time to forge our own road or path and finally dictate what our own future is supposed to be.

Are there really only two choices? Is it truly as limited as it was in the “Matrix” movie? Where we only get two? To take either the Red or Blue pill and blindly follow someone down a rabbit hole? I think NOT.

Trump, while running as “Republican” on the election ticket was as far from that as you could get. He won because he is and always be be the outsider. He has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is no politician. If he’s anything, he’s the “Anti-politician”. The bully we hired to fight the bully that is the establishment. The status quo that got this country into the mess it’s in right now.

The Democrats, Liberals, SJW’s and any left leaning faction yearn for the Globalist/Socialist agenda. Open borders and the like that has ruined any other nation or country that has sold out to that ideology. It amounts to Communism at it’s finest (how’s that going Soviet Union?). Just look at France, Italy, UK and any other nation that opened their doors/borders and it’s absolutely apparent that any sane nation clawing at it’s own sovereignty doesn’t want that.

The Republicans (at least the lazy ones) promised for YEARS that they would work to fix these issues, among others. They are doing everything they can to prove otherwise. They own all 3 factions of the governing body right now and can’t get crap done. None of it. They trickle successes as fast as the left and MSM leaks stories about the newest twist on the Russia collusion debacle. When they should be doing as they did in the last election. Take the issues by storm. But…NO!

Trump won as what is now looking more and more “Populist” in nature. The faction that actually listens to the constituents. The up and coming movement that seems to be attempting the forging of a new path. One that doesn’t see things as red or blue. Seeing them instead as Red, White and Blue. Could some form of Populism or perhaps Conservative Populism be the answer? Only time and a concerted effort will tell.

Don’t swallow that pill fellow Seekers…


…we need to fight as Trump is doing. We need to challenge the establishment and take what’s ours. We need to fight the good fight. As in “Rocky” if you will. WE are the underdog in this fight, but we can win. Just don’t do what the left is counting on and give up. Hang in there…Trump will no doubt.

trump rocky

We will leave it there for now fellow Seekers. Leave a comment and or share this. If you agree that we NEED to do this. We NEED to fight on fellow Seekers…FIGHT ON!

“Seek something, say something.”

Seek & be kind ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

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Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)



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