D.S.Journal entry 8/9/2017. Today fellow Seekers, “You are part of the problem!” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

Good afternoon fellow Seekers. Today as in the headline, “You are part of the problem!”. Yes you…you Trolls, Fakebookers and Twidiots. Those of you who can’t be bothered to do a little homework, but feel the freedom to simply “Like & Share” or “Retweet” all the blatantly false leftist propaganda. Especially those who KNOW that the S**T is fake in the first place.

Yesterday, as in most days I scroll my home feed on Facebook and come across a post that was blatantly false and had to interject and try to home school these clowns. But as I’m sure you know…they came back with the obvious BS. Posting more FAKE crap in the effort to support the original FAKE post. It is truly unbelievable how these individuals (who I won’t name, but will share this entry to their pages) continue to be lead around like fish on the hook. Eating all the click-bait they can possibly scarf down.

These trolls then have the audacity to (and you know what comes next) start throwing the “Hate-speech”, “Racist”, “Misogynist” insults as well as claims that the POTUS is no better than Hitler. #unfrikkinbelievable


When are these trolls and followers of bots baiting their home feed going to get a clue? when will they realize that they are one of the BIGGEST problems this country faces right now? And the FAKE posts aren’t even the biggest issue right now. It’s the leaks that keep coming from the “Deep State” that are hurting this country to it’s core.

Even if the leak is REAL. It is usually what should and is for the most part “Classified Information”. Case in point, the conversations that were between the POTUS and other world leaders. These conversations are for the POTUS, the Leader on the other end of the line and those individuals with the clearance to be privy to such information. Not for the consumption of Trolls, Bots & Baiters to toss around like an issue of Star magazine. It’s AGAINST THE LAW!!!

Image result for classified

Once Sessions gets a hold of these treasonous leakers (and he will) they will hopefully set the example that should have been set a long time ago. Thrown in a deep hole in Leavenworth and toss the key away. In the first 126 days of the current administration, there were 125 LEAKS! Seven times the amount in eight years of the prior administration. It has to STOP!

These leaks that the same trolls get their hands on are doing far more damage than good. While it is a citizens right to know the truth about given parts of the government. It is also necessary to keep some things under wraps. That’s why it’s called “Classified”. It’s deemed that for yours and my protection. So as in the FAKE stories that keep being put out for trolls and click-baiters hurting the establishment…the leaks are far worse. If it looks like it’s supposed to be classified and shouldn’t be out in the open. Do the PATRIOTIC thing and report it. Don’t do further damage by reposting or retweeting. It’s your DUTY as an American to do so.

Image result for stop the bleeding

So, in closing…STOP THE BLEEDING! Stop posting and tweeting stories or snippets that help those that are hurting (and trying to) this country. It’s OK to disagree with the POTUS on certain issues, but it’s UNPATRIOTIC to continue to support the current narrative taking hold of this country of OURS. That’s what letters and e-mails are for. Not this unfortunate storm that is currently taking place within social media and the MSM as well. Stop the MADNESS.

We’ll leave it there for now fellow Seekers. Leave a comment and or share this. If you agree that this is what we NEED. We NEED to fight on fellow Seekers…FIGHT ON!

“Seek something, say something.”

Seek & be kind ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

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Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)



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