Fight Bigotry With Dialogue

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Charlottesville Racist Protest Photo Credit Reuters

Charlottesville VA has been a gathering ground for racist bigots in the last two days. These scumbags came out from the depths of their ignorant holes to participate in the “Unite the Right” march (organized by a horrible man, Jason Kessler, to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee).

The First Amendment is a tough pill to swallow sometimes. Especially, when defending the free speech of bigots like Nazis, white nationalists, and KKK members. Nevertheless, they deserve the right to speak their minds (as long as they do not incite violence). And we have the right and duty to explain to them that they are ignorant racists fueled by hatred.

Those who marched proudly with Nazi flags and KKK garbs yesterday are not protesters, they are domestic terrorists. They use the threat of violence, and sometimes real violence, against their fellow citizens.

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