New Trump scandal! The President looked directly at the sun during the eclipse!

Briliant!!! (sarcasm of course)

America's Watchtower

  donald-trumpNote: this is sarcasm while the original reporting is not. I should not have to explain that but I have learned the hard way on Facebook that I do.

 A new scandal is engulfing the White House which will certainly require a Congressional investigation or possibly an expansion of the suddenly silent Russia investigation! Despite the warnings given to the American people over the last week or so Donald Trump looked directly at the sun for a brief moment or two during the solar eclipse today, stop the presses–Donald Trump believes he is above the laws of nature!

  Thisis the headline NBC ran with today: “Total Eclipse: Trump Ignores Pleas of ‘Don’t Look!’ to Stare Directly at the Sun.” Here is more about this burgeoning scandal:

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