Go. Home. Hillary.

Go HOME!!!

Political Vibes

I am exhausted of hearing about Hillary Clinton. A majority of Americans agree with me according to a Gallup poll done earlier this summer. To our despair, the always-present, never-dying, and zombie-like politician popped back up in the news this week.


Mrs. Clinton is not popular, nor has she been loved by Americans for 30+ years. History will remember her as a decent human, a dedicated public servant, and an important American icon. However, she hurts herself and her cause when she talks. Even when she speaks the truth, we do not like it or trust it. In the eyes of many Americans, her comments about how she felt around Donald Trump bring her to his mud-slinging level despite their validity.

Hillary Clinton should fade herself into the shadows of politics. The sooner she retreats from public view, the sooner she will be remembered favorably for her public service trying to better the United States.

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