D.S.Journal: Entry 8/25/2017. Today fellow Seekers, “Unhinged, Unfit or TDS?” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

So fellow Seekers. Here we are and these…if anything, are unconventional times. Thank God we have one of the most imperfect and unconventional men in the White House. That’s right. Imperfect and unconventional is just what’s needed in these times. The last 50+ years of build up in the Swamp have proven that much.


Over the last couple of weeks the Left has brought yet another card out of the Swamps deck. The sex, Russia, collusion and RACE cards have faltered (or are faltering) so now…the “Unhinged” or “Unfit” card is in play. Just about every network, magazine and MSM website are now bringing the POTUS’ mental stability into the fray. Unreal!

All of these news anchors, writers and bloggers have next to nothing left in the proverbial deck to toss down on the table. Now they act as if they have degrees in psychology and are trying to diagnose the POTUS. I’m thinking they’re a little under qualified for the job…don’t you? How about just doing your job you were hired to do and stop all the banter and bait-clicking nonsense. You know what I’m talking about fellow Seekers…FAKE NEWS.

bs fake news

Now the “Echo chamber” keeps this new narrative going. No matter what channel you tune into (even Fox at times). The same banter is being preached by most. “He’s unfit” or “He’s unhinged”. ENOUGH already! The MSM and Congress keep preaching about how low the POTUS’ approval ratings are due to his unfitness. Theirs is 1/3 of the POTUS’ rating. One THIRD!!! Who’s preaching now? Start doing the jobs you were hired to do and tell the TRUTH and the NEWS.

As mentioned earlier, the times we are in are absolutely “Unconventional” if nothing else. And the current POTUS is the best man to combat “Unconventionalism”, is he not? Sure he says some cringe worthy stuff at times (it’s called free speech). Didn’t Kim Jong Un do the same? He threatens this country and our allies with NUCLEAR WAR and who would you want more? A president who draws lines in the sand. With no intention of enforcement. Or a man who knows how to”Make the deal” and says what he means. With absolute intention of enforcement. Do the math…it’s not that hard. Kim Jong Un inherently backed down under the threat of “Fire & Fury”. He’s still a threat don’t get me wrong, but no bomb dropped on Guam on 8/15 as promised. Did it?

Here’s something else you wont get from MSM and the rest of the Swamp ridden bureaucrats. The POTUS’ list of accomplishments thus far. And here they are…

Neil Gorsuch on SCOTUS

Stock Market all time high

Consumer confidence 16 year high

More than 1,000,000 jobs created

Mortgage apps for new homes rise to a 7 year high

Unemployment rate at a 16 year low

Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship act

Gutted Obama era regulations (over 800 regs dome with)

Ended war on coal

Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations

Promotes buying and hiring Americans

Investments from Foxconn, Toyota, Ford and many others

Reduced illegal immigration by over 70%

Bids for border wall underway

Fighting back against “Sanctuary Cities”

Created victims of immigration crime engagement office

Changed rules of engagement against ISIS

Drafted plan to defeat ISIS

Worked to reduce F-35 cost

5 year lobbying ban

Sanctioned Iran over missile program

Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons

Introduced tax reform plan

Renegotiating NAFTA

Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Removed US from Paris Accord

Created taskforce to reduce crime

DOJ targeting MS-13

Signed an EO to promote energy independence and economic growth

Signed EO to protect Police Officers

Signed EO to target drug cartels

Signed EO for religious freedom

Sending education back to the states

Fixing the VA

SCOTUS upheld part of the POTUS’ temporary travel ban EO

Authorized the construction of the Keystone pipeline

Created Commission on election fraud

Created Commission on opioid addiction

Combating human trafficking

Rollback of Obama’s Cuba policy

Food stamp use lowest in 7 years

Reduced White House payroll

Donating Presidential salary

Signed 52 pieces of legislation

and the list goes on…

So at this point it’s looking a little like the diagnosis should be the latter of the subject matter of this entry, does it not fellow Seekers? It looks like it a severe case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) on the side of the anchors, writers and bloggers trying to push the left’s narrative. That the POTUS is either “Unhinged” or “Unfit”. But that’s just my opinion. As a “Deplorable Seeker”.

The POTUS is doing the job that WE voted him into. His record, even without the help of an obstruction ridden congress. Is pretty stellar to date. You just have to dig a little passed all the BS to get to the truth. It’s called homework fellow Seekers. Don’t forget to do yours.

Here’s a video outlining exactly what I’ve been writing about today. It’s the opening monologue from FOX’s Hannity last night, enjoy…

We’ll leave it there fellow Seekers. Don’t forget to comment and share this entry. If it agrees with your sensibility of course.

“Seek something, say something.”

Seek & be kind ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

me heart flag2_001

Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)




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