D.S.Journal entry 8/30/2017. Today fellow Seekers, “Enough is enough!!!” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

So today fellow Seekers, as the headline says, “Enough is enough!!!”. As you’ve probably already guessed. This is aimed at the Deep State supporting leftists. The 4th largest city in this country is dealing with what could possibly be the worst storm to hit this country and the left is more concerned with the FLOTUS’ fashion sense than the people being devastated by Harvey.


Twitter soon exploded with mockery…

Melania taking off for Houston on AF1…in stilettos.

Melania headed to a disaster zone in stilettos is my Halloween costume.

Some feel FLOTUS could have picked more appropriate shoes for her flight to inspect hurricane damage in Texas.

Melania Trump heads to Houston hurricane zone in sky-high stilettos

…and then the unthinkable happened…


…she had a change of clothes. What happened then? Silence of course.

Then MSM did as they usually do. When the POTUS stopped for a brief speech they hacked it apart and took a few words to spin it to fit their agenda/narrative. Which is nothing more than support of the Deep State and the ever ongoing attempts to bring the POTUS down. Let’s hear it for the Democrats, Lazy Republicans, Leftists, Liberals, Cuckservatives, Globalists, Socialists, SJWs and the protesters who do nothing but support the “Silent Jihad” being waged in this country. Good JOB!!! Sarcasm intended.

Here’s the whole visit and brief speech to the people of Texas…

MSM and those mentioned already, you are tearing this country apart with all of your POTUS & FLOTUS slamming BS. As the headline of this entry reads, “Enough is enough”! When are you going to realize that all of your banter and slander are doing nothing except supporting those who want nothing more than this country to fall. In the same manner that is happening all over this planet. Just look at Venezuela, many parts of the UK, Australia and any other Nation that has opened it’s borders. You are supporting all of this with the Left’s narrative that you are promoting.

It wouldn’t have mattered what the POTUS did or how he conducted himself. The left and the MSM would have torn him apart no matter what. And if that’s not enough. If there’s nothing to aim their slant…kick the FLOTUS around. Or (and it’s happened) beat up on an 11 year old kid. Real NICE! #pathetic

The POTUS, FLOTUS, their 11 year old son, any one who voted for or still supports the POTUS (right down to yours truly) are nothing more than fodder for the MSM and any left leaner to kick around at this point. The POTUS can do NOTHING right and will continue to get bashed regardless of how much good he and his administration does. The flag that this country looks up to is slowly unraveling…it needs to end. #CanDoNothingRight

flag tattered bw

Where or when will this all end? Who’s to say fellow Seekers. But one thing is sure, this Deplorable Seeker will continue to support our POTUS and dig for the truth behind MSM & the left’s narrative. As hard as that has become…hang in there fellow Seekers. This fight is apparently far from over.

“Seek something, say something.”

Seek & be kind ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

me heart flag2_001

Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)

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