Donald Trump wants a permanent DACA deal


America's Watchtower

  As you know by know, because quite frankly you can not avoid it, earlier this week Donald Trump announced he was repealing DACA but would hold off on implementing his new order for six months in order to allow the Congress time to come up with a solution. (We can question how the Congress is going to come up with a deal in six months when they have not been able to do so for five years.)

  The fear mongering, party of no Democrats have been seriously misrepresenting what the President did on DACA: they have made it sound as if deportations will start immediately and families will be ripped apart heartlessly by our white supremacist leader. But that is simply not true, in fact it is a lie. Because DACA was unilaterally implemented by the former President it can be repealed unilaterally by the current President but…

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