Six of the Most Unhinged Reactions to Trump’s DACA Decision Media and Democrats respond to White House action with Russia digs, charges of racism, and ‘brain farts’ ~ Jim Stinson (

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On Tuesday, President Donald Trump ended the executive order known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The order, issued by President Barack Obama in 2012, was an amnesty program for those brought to the United States illegally, as children, by adult illegal aliens. There are about 800,000 so-called “dreamers,” for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, in the United States.

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They have solid allies in the predominantly liberal mainstream media, who have long suggested that not keeping Obama’s dubiously constitutional order was racist, bigoted, insensitive, mean and cruel.

Since Trump took office on Jan. 20, the media and Democrats generally thought they had warned Trump off. Months passed, and Trump seemed fearful of a possible backlash if he rescinded DACA. But on Tuesday, with court challenges looming, Trump revoked DACA and gave Congress six months to pass a law replacing the program.

It shouldn’t be too much to expect the legislative branch to do what the legislative branch is supposed to do. And it’s important to remember, as LifeZette contributor Eddie Zipperer tweeted, not one DACA recipient is likely to be deported (just as they were not before 2012).

Yet, Trump critics blamed Trump for the mess left by Obama, and labeled his action “cruel.”

The reactions from the media and activists were, predictably, hysterical.

As the DACA decision approached and reports indicated Trump would terminate the program, Sam Stein, politics editor of The Daily Beast, tweeted out a request for DACA recipients who voted for Trump to contact him.

“If you’re a DACA recipient who voted for Trump (if such a person exists), I’d like to hear from you. Seriously,” Stein tweeted Sunday evening.

But there was a problem with that: Illegal immigrants and noncitizens, even those protected under DACA, cannot vote in federal elections. Not legally.

Stein deleted the tweet and admitted to LifeZette late Tuesday it was a “brain fart.” He also noted the tweet was made on Sunday night, before Trump’s decision on Tuesday.

Joy Behar, the former co-host of “The View,” said Trump was instituting racist policies, a frequent refrain from the Left.

“Because none of these kids — or people or whatever ages they are — from Sweden or Norway,” Behar said Tuesday. “They’re all from these brown — so-called brown countries. Brown people who are not white — nonwhite people. So there’s racism involved here, and why don’t they just admit it?”

Jennifer Rubin, supposedly the conservative blogger for The Washington Post, displayed her trademark anti-Trump snark.

“The only foreign born people Trump ‘loves’ are Russians,” Rubin tweeted Sunday.

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, went so far as to proclaim dreamers as civic champions for being brought to the nation illegally when they were minors.

Perez told Univision that “dreamers are not criminals, they are heroes.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has become the most over-the-top Trump critic in the White House press corps, said nothing less than that the American dream was threatened by the president.

“Wolf, the dream is in danger tonight,” Acosta told CNN anchorman Wolf Blitzer.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel perhaps had the most bizarre reaction. Emanuel declared Chicago a “Trump-free zone.” The Windy City is open to illegal immigrants, however. The city is a “sanctuary city,” meaning police and city officials do not communicate with federal officials about the immigration status of criminal suspects.

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