VIDEO REBEL MEDIA: Pamela Geller’s NEW film: “Can’t We Talk About This?” looks at bloody war on free speech ~ Pamela Geller (


Watch my interview with new media pioneer Ezra Levant on Rebel Media, discussing AFDI’s groundbreaking new motion picture


The film’s title contains the last words of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh who was stabbed to death by a Muslim. The focus of the film is on the efforts of Western governments to silence those who speak out against the Islamification of the west.

We’ve seen this happen in Canada with M-103, a motion passed by Parliament that condemns criticism of Islam. The Rebel’s Tommy Robinson was arrested for daring to report on the trial of Muslim rapists in the UK. In Australia, a human rights commissioner advocated for Sharia Law.

WATCH my interview to see how New York City’s public transit operator attempted to stop Pamela from advertising her film.

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