Racism is not AMERICAN!!! ~ KDB of DSJ

antifa fenway

These @$$HATS are supposedly against fascism, racism, etc….. They are claiming to protest against a whopping .03% of the US population. While giving them the BIGGEST breath imaginable with these @$$CLOWN tactics/antics. They’re violent and do NOTHING but support and give credence to the agenda they claim to fight against. They’re the BIGGEST FASCISTS in the game right now. They need to be designated as a “Terrorist” organization to boot.

Racism is NOT American and you do not represent AMERICA. Perhaps as part of the .03% mentioned earlier you do. Take your masks off and show your cowardly faces. Then scurry back to your mom’s basement, put your footie PJs back on and get back to your pizza pockets and video games.

End of rant fellow Seekers.

“Seek something, say something” ~ KDB of DSJ

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