Hillary Supporter Arrested During Protest

Surprised? NOPE…

Deplorable Kel

Sarah Roark is one of the nine people that were arrested Thursday during a protest at the Ben Shapiro event in Berkeley. According to the Berkeley Police Department, Roark was arrested for carrying a banned weapon.

Earlier today, The Red Elephants posted a photo to Facebook of Roark with Hillary Clinton. Why am I not surprised she’s a Hillary supporter?

After looking at Roark’s Facebook page, it’s clear she is not only a nasty woman, but she also supports illegals, Planned Parenthood, and one might say she is anti man.

Roark refers to President Trump as “T” as if she can’t even say his name. She refers to Hillary Clinton as “Hils” as if they were BFF’s.

Roark claims that President Trump is an “ignorant, incoherent bigot who seems incapable of focusing for more than ten minutes at a time.” Roark even claims that President Trump doesn’t even love his own…

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