Flag Burning Idiot Wins $15,000 Lawsuit Against Police Department

What in the hell has this country come to?!

Deplorable Kel

Urbana Illinois – For the last two Independence Days Bryton Mellott has posted photos of himself burning an American Flag to social media.

On Independence Day 2016 Mellott posted a photo of himself burning the American Flag. Shortly after, he was arrested but released about 5 hours later.

In Jan. of 2017 Mellott filed a lawsuit against the Urbana Police Department for arresting him.

On Independence Day of 2017 Mellott once again burned the American Flag, this time his friends joined in. Pictures were again posted to social media.

After the second Flag burning incident, Mellott mentioned on his Facebook that there was a possibility of him being fired from Walmart. But it doesn’t appear that happened. 

Recently Mellott was awarded $15,000 in the lawsuit settlement and will also receive $20,000 for attorney fees.

So this is America now? Liberal idiots making money off of burning the American Flag? Absolutely…

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