James Woods Just Tweeted the Last Thing the NFL Wants to Hear ~ BENJAMIN ARIE (

Americans are turning off NFL games in droves… and while the football league doubles down on narcissism, one celebrity has just summarized the issue with his usual blunt style.

On Monday, actor James Woods explained something that the national anthem-kneeling millionaire players seem to forget: Yes, you have free speech — but so do the millions of viewers who are fed up with these stunts.

“It’s this simple: they can kneel, sit, or spit during the national anthem,” the Hollywood veteran posted on Twitter.

“We can accept it or boycott it. Everybody has a choice,” he continued.


Woods’ post hits the nail on the head. Liberals are running around making a “straw man” argument, and acting as if conservatives want to somehow force athletes to stand for the nation anthem.

In reality, no sane person on the right is saying that kneeling on the sideline is not covered by the First Amendment. Nobody is saying that players disrespecting the flag should be arrested — like they would be for disrespecting the nation in a communist paradise, er, dictatorship.

What Americans are saying is that they don’t have to passively accept that kind of behavior.

Freedom works both ways: Millions of viewers who are, after all, the real paying customers of the NFL have the liberty to boycott the league with their feet and their dollars… and they’re doing exactly that.

Flipping off your boss and telling him where to go may be the right of every person, but that doesn’t make it a smart idea — and certainly doesn’t mean that you can do it and still have a job the next day.

Actions have consequences. Free speech isn’t a magic shield that protects a self-centered millionaire player from the fallout from their choices.

Refusing to show respect for the American flag and the national anthem — the same symbols of liberty which heroic men and women have fought and died to defend — is distasteful and tone-deaf.

Everyday Americans know this. James Woods knows this. Unfortunately, it looks like the NFL will need to be hit in its wallet before it learns the same lesson.

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