EXCLUSIVE: Is West Point Cadet’s Muslim Faculty Mentor the One Who Radicalized Him? ~ Katie Jones (

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The mainstream media has yet to report on Spenser Rapone, but if you follow the right-wing news outlets, you have probably heard of him by now. Rapone is a 25-year-old West Point graduate who is currently serving in an Army combat unit based out of New York. Last weekend, his social media profiles went viral. In these various profiles that span across multiple social media platforms, Rapone can be seen in one photo wearing his West Point uniform and a Che Guevara t-shirt underneath. In another photograph, he is in military formation and holding out his hat, which says, “Communism will win” on the inside. Rapone entered West Point in 2012, and it was during this time that a boy whose Reddit profile previously featured only wrestling photos and video game questions devoted himself to the Communist Party and pro-Islamic causes.

There are many glaring national security issues with this scenario, including exactly how Rapone became radicalized, whether it was after entering the United States Military Academy, and why it took West Point so long to do anything about it: Rapone’s anti-American posts available to the public date back to 2014. While we can (we hope) expect a detailed report from West Point investigators and administrators on this matter, what we do know currently is that Rapone’s Cadet Adviser was a man named Dr. Rasheed Hosein. According to the West Point faculty biography page:

“Dr. Rasheed Hosein has been teaching Western Civilization and Middle Eastern history at the United States Military Academy since July of 2011. Prior to his time at West Point, Dr. Hosein earned his doctoral degree in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago in pre-Islamic and early Islamic history in December of 2010.  During his time in Chicago, Dr. Hosein also served as the Director of Public Education for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago – a Title VI National Resource Center.  Prior to his time in Chicago, Dr. Hosein attended the University of Toronto, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, and the University of Manitoba, where he attained an Honours degree in Medieval European history and civilizations.”

Dr. Hosein’s PhD dissertation, Tribal Alliance Formations and Power Structures in the Late Jāhiliyah and Early Islamic Periods: Quraysh and Thaqīf (AD 530-750 CE) was not available online, but Hosein is a published author of two books, including Islamic Civilization: A better understanding of history, society, and culture of Islam is needed to help address the negative perceptions of Muslims in the West. Hosein also serves as the Muslim Chaplain at West Point.

Hosein does not appear to be proud of his employment at West Point; his Linkedin page says that he is a professor at a “liberal arts college since 2011.” Not exactly the pride or patriotism that we traditionally find becoming of a West Point professor. Also on his Linkedin page, but not his biography page on the West Point faculty page, is that he spent the summer of 1996 at the American University in Cairo. Whether or not Hosein is a U.S. citizen is also unclear; although he completed his undergraduate studies in Winnipeg, and it appears his citizenship may be Canadian.

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Former President Barack Hussein Obama’s military purge began shortly after the September 2011 Benghazi incident, and lasted until mid-2012. During this time, 170+ officers were fired and replaced. It was during this time in 2011 that Hosein was hired at West Point. It appears he was in Canada prior to his appointment at the military academy.

The disturbing connection between Rapone’s radicalization and his mentorship with Hosein cannot be overlooked. Rapone was one of only two cadets that Hosein advised in the 2016 graduating class, and they even traveled internationally together. How does a professor advisor who is close enough to travel internationally with his mentee not know or even have a hint that his mentee harbors these views? From various reports that pieced Rapone’s timeline of radicalization together, it appears that a trip the two took to the Taj Mahal in India directly coincides with the time Rapone started to become increasingly anti-West and pro-Islam on his Reddit page.

How Hosein was qualified for a job at West Point is baffling; the faculty tab at West Point shows pictures of staff members, and nearly all of them are in military uniform. Most of the professors wearing suits have extensive government intelligence backgrounds. Faculty without prior government experience is rare. Students who wish to apply to West Point are required, at minimum, to obtain “congressional nomination from their representative in Congress, their two U.S. senators, and the vice president of the United States.” The West Point hiring process for faculty is unclear.

This is reminiscent of the John Jay College criminal justice professor who tweeted about his love for “teaching future dead cops,” and historical landmark Christian school Wheaton College professor Larycia Hawkins, who told her students that “Muslims and Christians worship the same God.” We as a country must ask what intentions academic institutions have once they get hold of our children.

Dr. Hosein is reportedly on “administrative leave,” according to West Point, but they claim it is not related to the Rapone incident. Like Linda Sarsour and many other Muslims in the United States who hold positions of power, information on Hosein is scant. Please tweet us if you are a former student or have information regarding this professor.

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