15 states sue Donald Trump for repealing Obamacare subsidies


America's Watchtower

  donald-trumpYesterday, in what I think was a great move, Donald Trump signed a new Executive Order which would allow small businesses and individuals to pool together to get the cheaper rates which are afforded to larger companies. This potentially gives small businesses and individuals more options in marketplaces where options are becoming more and more limited and would make it easier for people to get insurance across state lines. It is hard for me to see how there could be much opposition to this and to date I have not really heard of any opposition.

  Then last night Donald Trump announced he would end the Obamacare subsidies, if this it upheld it could be the death knell of Obamacare. The President has called these subsidies a “bailout for the insurance companies” and while technically he might be right, without these subsidies the costs will be passed on to…

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