Liberals Help Trump Destroy The NFL In 4 Headlines As The Washington Post Eats Crow…BAD ~ James Baker (


The liberal media just lost. Again.

The liberal media is wrong. During the election cycle they told us Trump had no chance. During their “high-accuracy” polling they assured us he would never be President. Even on November 8th, until it was obvious they could no longer hide it, they tried to sell us the fact that Trump just wasn’t going to make it. It’s worth stating again: the liberal media is wrong.

Flippant on any real issues, the liberal news media picks its battles carefully. If they spot an opportunity to inject race, they take it. If they see the chance to insert radical feminism, they jump on it. But only if it pushes the dead-horse narrative of Trump being a “hateful biggot”.

Perhaps what angers Americans most about this is not necessarily the incessant vulgarity and disrespect (though that’s bad enough), but the constant hammering of an argument that has no real meat to it–they will literally say whatever they need to in order to push their ratings and the agendas of Democrat politicians that not only thrive, but survive off of their widespread media propaganda.

Think about it: if the liberal media couldn’t spread lies against Trump across every TV and computer screen, how would Democrats stay in power? But that’s a whole different discussion best saved for another day.

The point is, the liberal media is not only wrong, they know they’re wrong. And they don’t even care. If they can slap a good anti-Trump headline on there, they’ll take every chance they can to distribute it far and wide. And every now and then, if you’re really paying attention, you can catch them in their total hypocrisy.

The recent Trump-NFL news cycle provides a perfect example from none other than Jeff Bezos’ liberal Washington Post.

First, they attempt to degrade our President by stating that the NFL beat Trump, and not just that, but “soundly”. This is of course nothing new. They attempt to sell us essentially a complete lie as journalists jump on the same Trump-hating bandwagon that we have had to put up with for over a year now.

nfl knee

But wait…what’s this? It turns out that their original “news” (read: fake news) article was completely misguided. Again, the liberal media machine fails to realize that Trump’s comments are not simply his own statements, but represent the larger sentiments of Americans across the country.

nfl knee2

Just over a week later, Washington Post dropped their previous angle, admitting that the NFL was taking quite a hit from the continued player protests of the pro-American ceremonies. Again, the liberal media was full of it. Noticing a pattern? But it gets better. President Trump called for an end to tax breaks for the NFL a week later.

trump nfl1

And what about that…almost like magic, on the same day Roger Goodell came back with his tail between his legs, releasing a memo asking players to stand.

nfl knee3

There’s really two lessons here:

  1. The liberal media has been wrong in the past, is wrong now, and will be wrong in the future simply because they are bent on stirring hatred and division among Americans simply for the advancement of the Democrats’ left-wing agenda.
  2. President Trump doesn’t play by the same establishment rules.

While the first may not be such a news flash to Conservatives, the second sure is missed on the left because they continue to lose time and time again, failing to recognize that the same shame-baiting tactics they used successfully on previous Republican presidents just doesn’t work in the Trump White House. They print garbage, and days later they are proven wrong. Again. And again.

The bright side is at least they are helping to further destroy any crumb of credibility they may have had left. It’s like taking out the trash–except the trash takes itself out.

In the meantime, true American Patriots will continue to win. But, I’m sorry to tell you Mr. President, I don’t think we’re going to get sick of winning anytime soon.

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