JUST IN: Judge Issues Insane Ruling, Voters Have No Authority As Drug Users Celebrate ~ Sam Di Gangi (


The War on Drugs has been an abysmal failure. It has only fueled the private for-profit prison industry and caused it to flourish. Almost anything can now get a person locked up and when it comes to drugs, there is no proof that punishment does anything at all to curb usage. That said, who wants crack users standing out smoking by a grade school?

According to Blue Lives Matter, superior court Judge Veronica Alicea Galvan has ruled that voters may not block “safe injections sites” which are set to open in Seattle. Drug users may be celebrating but this is not going to make very many people feel very happy, even if they wish to the see the drug war end.

Now the judge is actually not approaching this very fairly since the voters have to pay for centers through taxation. So, to be clear, in this case, the voters should be allowed to stop it if they are paying for it.

Are safe sites better than what we have? Perhaps, but why should taxpayers be forced to pay for it?

Still, if they weren’t paying for it, this idea is safer than what is done thus far.

Users are going to use and making sure that some addict does not overdose with tainted drugs by a grade school is also something to be strived for.

Initiative 27 was going to block the implementation of sites where addicts “can inject heroin and other drugs in a ‘safe’ environment.”

If we are to be both reasonable and realistic, this does keep the addict off of the streets. It also prevents first responders from being tied up chasing overdoses while those who are sick with real illnesses are also in need.

I-27 in its entirety extends beyond the scope of the local initiative power,” said the judge to King 5.

The trouble with this ruling isn’t that it allows safe sites for drug users. Addicts will always be a blight on society and we can only hope to monitor it.

The issue here is that the ruling says that “allowing the voters to decide on blocking the sites, they would be impinging upon that authority of the county.” The authority of the county is touted as the be all end all and everyone is focussing on the drug issue!

The stats on drug overdoses tells us that something must be done, but removing our rights even further is not the answer.

That is how rights are lost. This pompous judge saying this about a “safe site” or anything else should certainly anger everyone.

Yes, people are dying all over and now that deadly Fentanyl has become something cut with heroin to make it more dangerous, we must do something. Perhaps allowing it in certain areas only is not such a bad idea considering that prison terms don’t seem to be working.

To imply that such a stance means that the government, this judge, or anyone else has the right to tell taxpayers that the “authority of the county” trumps their wishes is a travesty that must NOT be allowed to stand.

Sources: Blue Lives Matter – King Five

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