Dreamers Threaten Congress, We’ll Leave the United States if No DACA Deal Is Reached ~BENJAMIN ARIE (conservativetribune.com)

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous. They’ll LEAVE!!! That’s right. If they don’t get their way…they’ll LEAVE. Well then, don’t let the proverbial door hit you on the @$$. Simple as that. You’ve been here illegally for decades (in some cases) and some or many of you were too lazy to do anything to change that status up until now.

So, save the time and moneys that would’ve been spent. If your so called Dem & Lib supporters gave one rats @$$ about your @$$, they would’ve taken the deal laid out by the POTUS to give 1.8 million of you the chance to finally do the right thing. But that would’ve been too easy. As well as the credit would’ve been given where it was due. To the POTUS and not those bleeding heart liberals tat simply want your votes. As well as keeping you as a “Victim” of the system that they’re holding up.

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It might be the worst “Mexican standoff” in history. As the deadline to renew the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program approaches, some illegal immigrants are issuing a bizarre ultimatum: Pass a deal to extend DACA, or else… we’ll leave the country.

Which is, of course, exactly what the law says anyway. “Dreamers” have already been living in the country illegally for years, but now apparently think that threatening to leave will somehow motivate Congress to give them what they want.

If a DACA extension isn’t passed, “I will leave. I will leave America as soon as possible,” illegal alien Alex Velez declared to CNN. She and her sister Daniela are due to have their protected status expire on March 6.

Like the classic joke about being let go from a job — “You can’t fire me, I quit!” — the Velez sisters and other Dreamers seem to think that threatening to leave a country where they are staying illegally will somehow motivate lawmakers to keep them.

“I want to be able to leave on my terms. I’m not going to be waiting for anyone to come for me,” Alex Velez stubbornly stated.

That raises the obvious question: Why, then, has she and so many others waited in the U.S. for so long already?

If Velez has declared that she will “leave America as soon as possible,” why didn’t she do that a long time ago? It was “possible” for years. Nobody was forcing her to stay.

Alex and Daniela are both adults but have known that they were in America illegally since they were in middle school, after their parents overstayed visas from Venezuela.

They both have two different countries to fall back on, being dual citizens of Ecuador and Venezuela, according to CNN. Ecuador is considered a safe and stable country that is a popular eco-vacation destination, and the sisters have family there.

Yet despite knowing that they were illegal aliens for years and boasting about “leaving on their own terms,” it apparently never occurred to these Dreamers to prepare a backup plan.

In fact, the Velez’s took complete advantage of their illegal status in the U.S., and despite their current demeanor seemed to have never considered that they might have to leave.

“Alex will be abandoning the $10,000 in tuition she’s paid and the two years’ worth of community college credits she’s built up in her pursuit to become a veterinary technician,” said CNN.

Remember, this was years after they found out that they were in the country illegally. This alien spent $10,000 in a country where she is not a citizen, knowing full well she might not be able to stay, and is now throwing a tantrum because that might not have been a great investment.

This, in a nutshell, is the problem so many Americans have with DACA: The absolute sense of entitlement.

There is plenty of room for sympathy to the situation of Dreamers, especially those who were so young when they came to the U.S. that they barely remember the trip.

However, the frustration of young illegal immigrants should perhaps be directed at their parents, not the country which has been incredibly lenient and has already taken in millions of refugees.

Instead of gratitude for getting out of hellholes like Venezuela or crime-ridden streets in Mexico, however, a disturbing number of illegal aliens seem to have only contempt, and carry the flags of other countries as they march and protest against the same nation they refuse to leave.

It’s become a parody, and a situation that the left has been all too eager to use for political advantage… but the American people have noticed.

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