Teacher Uses Twitter To Bash President Trump And His Supporters

Is this what we’re teaching our kids and young adults?!

Deplorable Kel

A woman that goes by “Just Nikki” on Twitter has been lashing out against President Trump and his supporters…and apparently she’s a teacher from Connecticut. Nikki has more than one tweet mentioning her teaching job, and in her bio on Twitter it reads:

Proud New Englander, exhausted mom, wife, teacher & bleeding ❤ LIBERAL who has a special kind of hatred for the #EvilGOP #TheResistance #CNN #metoo #LivePD


Nikki has took to Twitter to call Trump supporters evil, stupid, racist, sick “f*ckos” and to say republicans will burn in hell. See some of her anti Republican/Trump supporter tweets below:



Nikki claims our President is evil, mentally unstable, stupid, overweight, racist, a disgusting pos, a liar, a “shithole President” and that he talks like a valley girl. She has Tweeted that she hopes President Trump gets impeached and that Hillary were President. See some of her anti President Trump tweets below:

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