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13 Russians (3 Russian companies) are indicted for interference with our election processes since 2014! Is this truly what you’ve come up with in almost 2 years of holding our investigatory agencies, media and the collective American people hostage? And the 13 people live in Russia where we have no extradition power. It will yet again be much ado about NOTHING.

When will the MSM, Dems, Libs and any other left leaner admit that Trump is finally VINDICATED and RIGHT about the FACT that he and anyone associated with him was in no way COLLUDING with the Russians? When will the Mueller team that is laced with Obama, Clinton and DNC supporters finally end their investigation that has been an absolute waste of time and OUR MONEY?

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Thirteen people living in Russia were indicted today by the Department of Justice for conspiring to impact our elections, apparently over the Internet. No link to any American citizen and no impact on elections were found. Is that it?

When the real scandal was still being uncovered by the Nunes Memo, James Comey said “That’s it?” Now it is we the people who are saying “Is that it?” regarding the Russia collusion scandal.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions must have been happy today, having recused himself from the Russia investigation, when he left the job of reporting to the American people on “the greatest collusion scandal in American history” to his Deputy Rod Rosenstein.

Is that all that has been found in the “Russia collusion investigation,” which put our country, our President and political system in non-stop daily political turmoil for close to two years? If that is all, thirteen Russians on the Internet, the American people should be really more than disappointed. Is that a good reason for our federal law enforcement to put our whole system on hold, keep our administration hostage under a cloud of suspicion while the media was having daily field-day assault and hate speech against our “treasonous” President? This did not just hurt Trump, but it hurt our country, our priorities, our ability to fix what is necessary and our reputation in the eyes of the world.

If that’s all they have on this supposed scandal, the American people should feel scammed and cheated with the fake news, not only from the media, but worse, promoted by US law enforcement, which leaked information (by Comey) to get this investigation started by a special counsel.

Today’s indictment announcement was a disappointment to many Americans, and a cause to further the distrust in our federal law enforcement. How could our law enforcement find it OK to announce an investigation into our President without a shred of evidence of wrongdoing? When in doubt and without evidence, at least try to find evidence first before announcing to the world that Trump is being investigated for treason. Our law enforcement, instead, put the horse before the carriage and rushed into horrific accusations and a fake crisis from day one since the president took took office. That is worse for the country than any meddling by Russia.

Over a year of nonstop spin, obsessive endless discussion by a media that was getting leaks from Comey, who admitted he leaked for the purpose of starting a special counsel investigation of our president.

Americans should be angry after being used and abused in a political spin machine, rushing into a fake crisis. This furthered the distrust of the American people in the FBI, which was too busy trying to prove President Trump was a traitor, while obviously neglecting their real job of catching the real bad guys, like Nikolas Cruz who was reported twice to the FBI! Was that all done to make Hillary happy and justify her earned defeat? When all is said and done, I hope that is not the conclusion we will all come up with to explain what the investigation was all about.

It is amazing how the Democrats and media were going absolutely insane over Russia meddling, when it is they who want to leave our borders open to anyone to come in illegally. But what is worse is when Democrats and the media accuse citizens of disfranchising voters and racism if they dare support voter ID legislation. The same people who are worried about Russian meddling are the same people who deny the fact that illegals are voting by the thousands in our elections.

The American people should be angry to be put through such daily unprecedented confusion, misinformation and turmoil over hyped Russia collusion and hateful reporting against the administration. Countries have been meddling in each other’s elections since the invention of something called elections. Obama himself meddled in Israel’s elections and never denied it.

Our country was put on hold for over a year because of this fake investigation of Trump, and someone must be held accountable for disrupting our country. It must be a miracle that President Trump was able to accomplish what he has accomplished while arrows were coming at him from every direction and fake and hateful threats on his life were casually and openly expressed on TV and on the Internet.

The way the US appeared to the world regarding the Russian collusion daily hype has brought down America in the eyes of the world. Now our enemies could have a sigh of relief that “finally America is becoming a Banana Republic like all of us and the US should no longer be claiming the higher moral ground it usually operates from.”

Now with those “courageous” indictments of 13 Russian nationals who don’t even live in the US, I hope the accusers of Trump collusion have finally saved face and would go away. Enough with the farce called the Russian collusion. Please end it.

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