Inside Judicial Watch: The Clinton/DNC Dossier & the Abuse of the FISA Courts (video/judicialwatch.org)

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DSJ will let this issue of Judicial Watch’s video speak for itself. As usual… #SpotOn

Inside Judicial Watch: The Clinton/DNC Dossier & the Abuse of the FISA Courts

In this important installment of Inside Judicial Watch, host Jerry Dunleavy joins JW Senior Attorney James F. Peterson to discuss the Clinton/DNC dossier used to justify spying on the Trump Team during the 2016 presidential election in light of the release of the House Intelligence Committee memo on FISA abuses by the Obama administration. In their FISA warrant application, the FBI omitted that the dossier, an unverified document, was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. According to sworn House Intelligence Committee testimony by then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a warrant to spy on the Trump Team could not be obtained without the dossier. The abuse of intelligence tools for targeting political opponents is deeply troubling. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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