Survey finds trash, needles, feces on San Francisco streets (video/Ingraham Angle/Fox News)

Good afternoon fellow Seekers,

Here’s a video of a study taken of 153 city blocks and what was found. Literal feces, urine, used drug needles and other refuse litter the streets of one of the BIGGEST Sanctuary Cities in the country. How would you like to have or run a business where you look out your door and someone is either urinating on the side of your business or shooting up in front of your child. Sickening to say the least.

Here’s Laura Ingraham from The Ingraham Angle on Fox news last night… 

For more from Laura and or Fox News on Youtube click below…


What are your thoughts fellow Seekers? Make sure to comment on and or share this story. We here at DSJ want to hear from you. Contact us…





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