Tom Fitton and Sebastian Gorka on the REAL Russian Collusion (VIDEO)

Good morning fellow Seekers,

When is the Mueller investigation going to start pointing it’s fingers at those who are GUILTY and or COMPLICIT of the actual offense that the investigation was investigating? And start CHARGING those who truly are GUILTY. The deeper the digging of the rabbit hole goes the more they are finding themselves. Seriously!

From McCain (who sent a liaison to London to obtain the Dossier) to several FBI and DOJ personnel who signed and obtained the FISA warrant through the FISC with Russian propaganda and outright lies (contained in the dossier). To the FACT that it was PAID for in large part by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Let’s not forget who the President was at that time and he had to have known of the dossiers existence and the Hillary/DNC involvement. Even if he didn’t (we don’t believe that do we?) “Ignorance is no DEFENSE”.

Here’s more on the true COLLUSION from Tom Fitton and Sebastian Gorka on Hannity the other night, enjoy…

February 20, 2018 – 5:07 – Last night, JW President Tom Fitton appeared on “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel with Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka to discuss the Mueller indictments and the potential legal ramifications for Hillary Clinton.

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