‘Kill Them All’: ISIS Tells Jihadis to Carry Out Vehicle Attacks in U.S., Europe ~ Geller Report Staff (gellerreport.com)

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While we concentrate on the NRA and finger pointing at whatever the left and the MSM use to distract us…the world is still spinning. And yes the ideological asshats are still threatening on a GLOBAL scale.

Now that ISIS has been largely decimated and have their proverbial backs against the wall, we need to be more vigilant than we’ve ever been before. It’s turning the #SeeSomethingSaySomething  to #SeeSomethingScreamSomething but we like #SeekSomethingSpeakSomething here at DSJ (of course). Especially after the shootings in Florida just 2 weeks ago. It is even MORE important than EVER. Even though the reports seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, leading up to that incident. Don’t sit quiet. That’s when they win.

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ISIS-truck attack

ISIS has sent out the order for its evil followers to carry out vehicle attacks on innocents in Europe and America.

The pro-ISIS media group Muharar al-Ansar released a poster, calling on jihadis around the globe to step up to the killing plate and to “hit them with a truck.”

Remember the New York truck attack?

How about Barcelona?

Expect more of the same from this savage terror group.

Truth Revolt has more:

With thousands of Islamist war criminals heading home to Europe in the wake of the Islamic caliphate’s imminent collapse, the threats made by ISIS are more credible than ever. Ten of thousands of Islamists in Europe are receptive to the propaganda disseminated by the Islamist terror group. Terrorists affiliated to ISIS have already killed more than 100 people in a string of vehicle attacks in Europe and the U.S.

Vehicle attacks were first employed by Arab terrorists against Israeli civilians. Meanwhile, truck- and car-ramming attacks have become the preferred weapon of choice by the Islamic State against the West, with ISIS propagandists urging Muslims living in the West to stage such attacks.

The UK newspaper Daily Mail reported the latest threats made by the ISIS:

ISIS has urged fanatics to carry out vehicle attacks in a chilling poster showing a picture of blood on the front of a lorry.

The terror group called on would-be lone-wolf jihadists to ‘hit them with a truck’ and to ‘kill them all’ in the propaganda material.

Muharar al-Ansar, the pro-ISIS group that released the poster, has previously released similar graphics calling for arson and gun attacks, according to the respected SITE Intelligence group which monitors terror activity.

ISIS has used vehicles to carry out a wave of atrocities in the past, with similar attacks taking place in Britain, the US, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden and claiming well over 100 lives.

In July 2016, an ISIS terrorist of Tunisian descent drove a heavy cargo truck into crowds celebrating France’s national day in the city of Nice, killing 87 people and injuring more than 400 others. Later that year, another ISIS terrorist who had entered Germany as an asylum seeker plowed a truck loaded with 20 tonnes of steel beams into a busy Christmas market, leaving 12 people dead and 56 others injured.

European countries with large immigrant Muslim populations, like the UK, Germany and France, are witnessing a rapid rise in Islamists on their terror watch lists. Intelligence agencies estimate the number of Islamists living in the UK to be around 35,000. In Germany, more than 10,000 Islamists are now being monitored by the domestic intelligence agency BfV. French security forces have more than 18,000 potential terrorists under their scanner.

With Europe’s ruling political class refusing to end the open doors policy for immigrants from jihad-infested Arab and Muslim countries, the threat posed by the Islamist terror groups will continue to rise.

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