Report: Andrew McCabe Authorized Media Leaks While Heading FBI ~ CHUCK ROSS (conservativetribune.com)

Good evening fellow Seekers,

The deeper they dig…or try to dig. They keep finding themselves. If there had been anything for Mueller and the council to find, it would’ve been LEAKED by now. They can’t keep their mouths shut up to this point. There is NOTHING ado about NOTHING. End the investigation already and appoint another council to look into the REAL crimes. Committed by the REAL criminals.

Here’s more from Chuck Ross and Conservative Tribune… 

  • DOJ’s internal watchdog to criticize former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
  • McCabe authorized leaks to the media, according to new reports.
  • The former deputy director also reportedly misled watchdog investigators about the media disclosures.
  • McCabe stepped down from his position in January.

The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog will criticize former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for authorizing leaks to the media and giving misleading statements to investigators about doing so, according to two new reports.

McCabe, 49, authorized FBI officials to speak to the media for articles prior to the 2016 election, including one about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to a report being prepared by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

The New York Times also reported details of Horowitz’s report, which is expected to be released in March or April.

 McCabe stepped down as deputy director in January after FBI Director Christopher Wray was briefed on Horowitz’s findings. An Obama appointee, Horowitz has been investigating the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation since January 2017.

Among the leaks authorized by McCabe was one to The Wall Street Journal for an Oct. 30, 2016 article detailing an internal FBI and Justice Department battle over the Clinton Foundation investigation

One source described an August 2016 conversation that McCabe had with a Justice Department official who thought the Clinton Foundation probe was a dead end. “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?” McCabe asked the official, according to the source.

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The sources for the article have not been identified, but one McCabe subordinate was in contact with Devlin Barrett, the reporter who wrote the article for The WSJ.

Lisa Page, an FBI attorney, sent text messages to FBI agent Peter Strzok discussing her conversations with Barrett. Horowitz discovered Strzok and Page’s text messages as part of his investigation. The discovery led to Strzok’s removal from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

As for misleading statements about the leaks, The Post reported that McCabe claims that he did not intentionally mislead investigators.

President Donald Trump will likely be pleased with the report, given his public spats with McCabe. Trump has criticized McCabe over campaign contributions that his wife, Jill McCabe, received for a Virginia state Senate race in 2015 from then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe, a staunch ally of the Clintons, directed hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to McCabe’s unsuccessful campaign. The donations drew attention, in part, because McAuliffe was under FBI investigation over campaign contributions he received from a Chinese billionaire.

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