Roseanne Teaches Jimmy Kimmel a Brutal Lesson When He Calls Trump ‘Captain Wacko’ ~ BENJAMIN ARIE (conservativetribune.com)

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Believe it or not…ROSEANNE has become our comedic voice of REASON. And she does it well in this clip from Kimmel’s late night supposedly comedic show. Kimmel has become one of MANY television comedians that has jumped the proverbial shark and given Arthur Fonzarelli a bad name. At least he made jumping that shark look COOL.

As backwards as it may seem. With Tim Allen losing his show due to being a Trump supporter or an “Anti-Obama” right winger, she is bringing brains back into the humor we see on the boob-tube…evidently.

Here’s more from Benjamin Arie and Conservative Tribune…

America has reached some strange, backwards place when Roseanne Barr is the voice of reason.

OK, that might be pushing it, but the outspoken comedian — who became a household name for the early 90’s sitcom that carried her name — just showed that she has a better understanding of American voters than Jimmy Kimmel.

During a Thursday night interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the actress was supposed to promote the revival of her “Rosanne” television show, but the chat quickly took a political slant.

Kimmel pointed out that Barr has been very politically involved, including running for president (yes, really) and sharing controversial rants on Twitter about her eccentric views.

“You were kind of the original crazy tweeter,” Kimmel joked, referencing his dislike of Donald Trump’s use of social media.

Jimmy Kimmel then took a more serious tact, and explained to viewers that Roseanne’s character on the rebooted sitcom is a Trump supporter.

“Well, she did vote for the president,” the real life Roseanne said about her character, while also confirming that the show’s fictional family disagreements about politics reflects real life.

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“It’s like everybody’s family is p–ed off at each other for one thing or the other,” she stated. “We had some pro-Hillary and some pro-Trump, and there was a lot of fighting,” she admitted about her own family.

Kimmel then called out the comedian’s fairly dramatic shift on Hillary Clinton, going from a personal friend of the Democrat candidate to strongly criticizing her on Twitter.

“Never mind her foreign policy,” the leftist host declared in a sanctimonious tone. “How about Captain Wacko we got running the country here!?”

Yes, that’s apparently the extent of Kimmel’s political persuasion: Call the president names and pretend to have all the answers. Or, you know, cry on camera.

Incredibly, Roseanne Barr didn’t take the bait. She responded by defending the position of the United States president — no matter who it is — and scolding all of Hollywood for moving so far left.

“I’m shocked, because I know you’re a very socially liberal person…” Kimmel trailed off.

“I’m still the same, you all moved!” Roseanne exclaimed.

“You all went so f***ing far out you lost everybody!” she continued.

In so many words, she rebuked Kimmel for gleefully attacking Donald Trump at every opportunity. “I mean seriously. I just want to say this, Jimmy,” she said. “A lot of us, no matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail.”

Stop the presses, because this is rare: Roseanne Barr is right.

Kimmel, most of Hollywood, and the liberal side overall has moved so far away from the mainstream that they’ve left Americans behind. More importantly, they don’t even realize how far off track they’ve gone, but live in echo chambers where they believe Hollywood represents the entire country.

When even a nut like Roseanne thinks the elites have left the reservation, something is definitely wrong.

The comedian became famous for portraying a blunt-talking, average American on her sitcom. It turns out the real Roseanne may actually be in tune with how America thinks after all: Fed up with constant petty attacks on conservatives, and wanting the nation and its president to succeed even if they disagree on details.

Kimmel doesn’t understand this, and neither does most of Washington or Hollywood. That’s why they were so shocked when Trump won the election… and exactly why they’ll continue to find themselves out of touch with the real America.

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