D.S.Journal entry 4/16/2018 “Comey proves yet again. The echo chamber is alive and well.” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess


Good afternoon fellow Seekers,

Haven’t done a journal entry in a while. This supposed “Bombshell” interview with Comey warrants it. No doubt there. I sat and watched the interview from beginning to end and…if I was hungry…I’d have starved. Yet another “Nothing sandwich” served cold by the MSM. George’s interview with Comey gave us just as much, if not less than Anderson Cooper’s interview with Stormy Daniels.

Not even kidding fellow Seekers. If you haven’t watched it, I wouldn’t waste my time (again). There was NOTHING there that we either haven’t heard yet or that has ANYTHING to do with the President and his ability to do his job. I’d say he’s done a pretty stellar job thus far.

The ONE thing that MSM and other leftist twisters are echoing today. Was when Comey claims that he thinks that Trump is morally unfit” to be the POTUS. Comey, who was FIRED and justly so. Has the audacity to claim the moral high ground. He has been proven (and admittedly so) that he was a prime LEAKER of sensitive and quite possibly confidential information. LARGELY in part to have the special council appointed.

Still waiting on someone to raid his house, office and lawyers office to get the truth and press the appropriate charges. It’ll NEVER happen…mark those words. I’m thinking he may look a little like this should his door be taken off it’s hinges…


So, according to Cooper’s interview with a washed up porn star, Trump likes to have his ass slapped (among other salacious claims). From Stephanopoulos we learn that in Comey’s opinion that Trump can’t tie his tie correctly, has small hands and has a bad tan line. What the in the living royal HELL does any of that have to do with literally ANYTHING???!!!

It all boils down to the same crap we’ve been getting fed to us by the left and the MSM for way too long now. Just a major case of “Butt-hurt” and the echo-chamber can’t get over the loss. It’s been almost a year and a half since the election. Get over it. Comey came off like a 12 year old (with a better vocabulary) that was sent to bed without his dinner.


As you could probably guess. I won’t be buying his book any time soon. I believe the interview was enough to know that this is yet another attempt to simply besmirch the POTUS and there was NOTHING new from Comey’s mouth that I would want to  waste my time or money in doing so. Let alone the hour I lost in watching the interview. That I’ll never get back.

That’ll do it for this entry fellow Seekers. keep up the good fight. Remember, with the mid-term elections coming up. We need to be ever more vigilant. Keep your eyes on the prize. A better future for this country and our children.

#SeeSomethingSaySomething #SeekSomethingSpeakSomething

“Seek something, speak something.”

Seek & be kind ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

me heart flag2_001

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Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)


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