Inspector General investigating James Comey for leaking classified information

Time to drain that swamp Mr. President!

America's Watchtower

  There has been debate over the Comey memos which have finally been released to the Congress about whether they were personal memos or government property. It would seem to me that because James Comey was talking to the President of the United States while still in the employ of the Federal Government these memos would belong to the government but I am admittedly no expert on the subject.

  I do know that James Comey leaked these memos hoping they would lead to a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump so there was a political motive behind leaking the memos even if they were personal and I think that alone is enough to investigate James Comey.

  We have since learned that at least two of these memos contained classified information and now the FBI’s Inspector General is investigating James Comey for leaking the information. Here is more:


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