Federal Court Rules Against Liberals, Decimates Voter Fraud with Historic Ruling ~ CILLIAN ZEAL (westernjournal.com)

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It is ridiculous to think that it hasn’t been passed NATION WIDE. The NEED for a state approved form of ID in order to cast your ballot. We have to produce a legal form of ID to buy liquor, enter a government run facility and even to buy an anti-histamine with the letter D on the box. Why is it so hard to understand the NEED to produce an ID in order to avoid voter FRAUD?

Whether it is some asshat registering in two states to cast more than one ballot or an ILLEGAL alien casting a vote that is in itself ILLEGAL doesn’t seem to matter to the left. Why? Because that is and has been a MAJOR part of their base for YEARS. Let us not forget the deceased that seem to find their way to the voting booth as well. Enough is enough.

Here’s more from Cillean Zeal and Western Journal…


A New Orleans-based federal court ruled Friday that a Texas law that requires proper identification to vote was constitutional, Reuters reports.

The 2-1 ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision that found that the voter ID law was discriminatory against minorities.

Reuters described the current law as being “designed as a fix for previous voter ID legislation struck down for being discriminatory,” with the three-judge panel noting that the new law has “improvements for disadvantaged minority voters.”

In a statement, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praised the court’s decision.

“The court rightly recognized that when the Legislature passed Senate Bill 5 last session, it complied with every change the 5th Circuit ordered to the original voter ID law,” the statement read.

“Safeguarding the integrity of our elections is essential to preserving our democracy. The revised voter ID law removes any burden on voters who cannot obtain a photo ID.”

Liberal groups have predictably decried the ruling as discriminatory.

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“No law should be allowed to stand that is merely built on the back of a plainly discriminatory law,” said Kristen Clarke, president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

I’ve never quite understood the idea that liberals think minorities who are legally entitled to vote are somehow biologically or socially unable to get identification but it’s those proposing voter ID laws who are the racists. The logic here eludes me.

Of course, perhaps it’s the specter of voter fraud. Democrats insist that it’s so rare as to be negligible, although few studies have been done on the matter. One — widely attacked by liberals after the election — found that the percentage of non-citizens who could have voted in the 2008 presidential election could be as high as 6.4 percent.

Judicial Watch study in Virginia found that at least 57,000 voters were illegally registered in two states just in the swing state of Virginia, compared with a little over 1,000 illegal aliens on voter rolls.

When you consider how few votes can decide elections these days, that’s not negligible.

Remember — back in 2000, the presidential election was decided by 537 votes in the state of Florida. Even if you disregard non-citizen voting, protecting the system from voters who are ineligible to vote in a certain district or state is vital to our national interest. It’s not discriminatory, and it’s not fighting a phantom problem. Voter ID ought to be a national issue, but Texas is certainly a start.

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