*Graphic* example of @Facebook “Community Standards”: ISIS criticism BLOCKED while anti-Jewish genocidal propaganda goes viral ~ Pamela Geller (gellerreport.com)

Good morning again fellow Seekers,

Already shared one of Pam’s stories earlier, but this one was worth dipping into Pam’s material again. DSJ has been in FB jail and warned MANY times about our posts being considered “Spam”. FB has become a liberal echo chamber for the left and it’s agenda. Make some NOISE fellow Seekers!

Here’s more from Pam Geller and Geller Report…

Fb banned appoved

Look at what Facebook allows and look at what they ban.

I received another warning, yet again, from the goosestepping Facebook authoritarians concerning a news item I ran. This is the second time this week. And had it not been for a Breitbart news article that went viral, I would still be banned from Facebook.


But this picture is circulating today on Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg’s knowledge and approval. If you want to do something about it, forward this email to bwichterman@cov.comJKyl@cov.comnorth_texas@cruz.senate.gov

(thanks to Dan F):


Facebook bans, blocks me (and my followers and colleagues) while building extensive terror networks:
read this.

Related: Facebook Blocks Pamela Geller (Again!) for Reporting on Muslim Anti-Semitism in Germany

“Every time I posted a comment in favor of Israel, your automated response said I was violating Facebook community standards, yet a group calling for the death of the Jews remains….” (read the rest here).

For more from GR click below…


What are your thoughts fellow Seekers? Make sure to comment on and or share this story. We here at DSJ want to hear from you. Contact us…





Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)

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