Linda Sarsour Melts Down Over US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem – CANDACE OWENS MOVES IN WITH KILL SHOT ~ Cristina Laila (thegatewaypundit.com)

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Every president for the last 40 years and more had vowed to take action on this, but yet again…Trump does it and everyone melts down.On the left that is. And not ONE Democrat showed up for this historic occasion. Atypical, no doubt.

Keep your eyes on Candace Owens. She is a rising star among all the liberal snowflakes…she rises above all. Keep going CANDACE.

Here’s more from Cristina Laila and The Gateway Pundit…

It’s a HISTORIC DAY in Israel and Jerusalem — The US Embassy is opening in Jerusalem.

And Linda Sarsour is having an epic meltdown! 

owens sarsour

First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Trump advisor Jared Trump are attending the historic event.

President Donald Trump spoke to the people of Israel on Monday via a video feed at the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Not a single Democrat decided to attend this historic event.

Linda Sarsour was enraged Monday and melted down on Twitter.

Below are screenshots of a few of her more unhinged tweets:

sarsour tweet3
sarsour tweet2
sarsour tweet1

Although Sarsour was getting a mouthful from many people on Twitter, Candace Owens moved in with a kill shot:

Candace Owens tweeted: You’re an anti-American mouthpiece that was given a platform by people that wish harm upon this country.
Your time is coming to an end.
Stand down.

Linda Sarsour openly calls for Sharia law to take over America.

She has ties to Hamas and is currently the darling leader of the women’s movement.

Sarsour also previously called for Jihad against the Trump administration.

Candace Owens is right–Sarsour is an anti-American mouthpiece propped up by equally evil Democrats and her time is coming to an end.

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