D.S.Journal entry 5/17/2018 “It was Hamas, not Ivanka!!!” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

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Good morning fellow Seekers,

How can MSM and the liberal left become even more perverse and downright pathetic? Take the media source that is nothing more than a propaganda machine for Hamas and use it to SMEAR an innocent. In this case, the POTUS’ daughter Ivanka.

Could they be any more WRONG?! Sure they could. Last week Pompeo was over in NOKO picking up the 3 political prisoners and the headlines were all, “Just when he’s needed most, Pompeo goes AWOL.”. Seriously?! The twisting is hitting new lows damned near every day…EVERY DAY!

No matter what the POTUS does, says or Tweets…it matters not. He is under a constant barrage of liberal laced BS from the democrats, liberals, MSM and any left leaning anti-Trumper on GOD’S green…LITERALLY! His approval ratings continue to rise. His list of accomplishments continues to grow. But the left continues it’s onslaught of rhetoric and outright LIES.

The TRUTH of this matter with Ivanka is that the Israeli forces warned those who showed up, to NOT TO DO SO. So what does Hamas do? They show up of course. Wielding BOMBS. That’s right, EXPLOSIVES my fellow Seekers. So of course people died and collateral damage was had. But not due to Ivanka and those celebrating the opening of the embassy promised by the last 3 POTUS’, but by those who showed up with nothing but carnage in mind.

The media simply proves day in and day out that they have no problem following the left and it’s cronies on that long march towards irrelevance. None at all. They have bashed everyone from the 1st lady to an 11 year old boy having supposed mental deficiencies. Their disgusting and atrocious op-eds and headlines know no bounds. Those of you who buy into their ideology should be ashamed of yourselves. Due to the FACT that they want this country to FAIL. That’s right, FAIL! When you have such hatred and disdain for one individual that you’re willing to accept an absolutely false ideologue. It’s just that…SHAMEFUL.

Where and or what will they invent next to try and deligitimize an election they lost? When will the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) end? It’s really hard to forecast. Due to the fact that they keep trying to up the ante but continue to LOSE. Over and over again. #WINNING

We will leave it there for now fellow Seekers. Seek you next time…

#SeeSomethingSaySomething #SeekSomethingSpeakSomething

“Seek something, speak something.”

Seek & be kind fellow Seekers ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

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Veritas Vos Liberabit (The truth will set you free)



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