D.S.Journal entry 6/1/2018 “11/8/2016 at 10pm, the liberal left succumbs to psychosis” ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

Good morning fellow Seekers,

This journal entry finds us on the brink of what has become a national psychological epidemic. The one that has taken hold of the MSM, liberal, leftist, democrat, partisan population of this country since 11/18/16 at 10pm. When the map started turning RED in favor of OUR now, duly elected President. They simply can’t get over the loss suffered on that GREAT night.

psy·cho·sis (sīˈkōsəs) ~ noun


1) a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.



So by definition we can CLEARLY see that this diagnosis actually fits the symptoms being suffered and displayed by the factions identified earlier. Can we not? Here’s a taste of what went on that very night…



…just a taste of the tears shed and the profanity laced screams that were emitted  as the night and the results unfolded.


Those tears and the profanity mentioned has only grown into outright contempt. Coming from damn near anyone center-left. Anyone center-right would have to agree that this has gone on way longer than any protestations seen in modern american history. It is truly unfounded and needs to end.


From an investigation that is nothing more than an outright “Witch Hunt” to the degrading of the POTUS and the 1st family. It is disgusting and degrading to this country to see our own citizens turn into the left’s and even Putin’s puppets. We know now that there was no collusion on Trump’s or his campaign’s behalf. We’d have heard it by now because the special council doesn’t have the ability to stop the leaks (22 to date) coming out of it’s own mouths.


As far as the insults, slander and hatred towards the POTUS and the 1st family. I can remember growing up and regardless of who was in office at the time. There was a RESPECT that the office called for and deserved. You’d never hear the disparaging rhetoric and outright threats of violence hurled, that you hear relentlessly today. Sure there were those who would toss inappropriate banter, but nothing compared to what we see coming from the MSM (90-91% negative) and celebrities who continually bash and or threaten our POTUS and his family. Even an 11 year old boy is not out of bounds.


From a two tiered justice system (Clinton vs Trump) to a double standard (Bee vs Barr) we see that there is truly an unjust divide between how the left and right are being treated by our own justice system, MSM and our entertainment industry. It is downright sickening and there seems to be no end in sight.


Getting back the the psychosis being suffered by the left. Their thoughts and emotions are being ruled by an absolute HATRED for the POTUS. They are willing to let the MSM and celebs pull their strings and dictate their reality. They are allowing them to define their very thought processes and willing to stay on the hook and be dragged on board to be clubbed until they are willing to drink the same swamp water that Trump is trying so desperately to bail out (of the very same boat).


What they don’t seem to comprehend is that we are all absolutely on the same boat and to wish the POTUS’ failure is to wish for that very same boat…the one we are ALL on…to SINK. They are willing to let this country fall back into what could inevitably become CW2. Just to prove their perverted point. That Hillary was supposedly, the right woman for the job. Thank the powers that be that that didn’t happen.


What is the antidote for the psychosis? The 63+ million of us forgotten men and women of this great country to keep up the good fight. Our numbers increase every single day. The polls show it and those who would fight for the welfare of this republic know it. Stay strong fellow Seekers…STAY STRONG.


#SeeSomethingSaySomething #SeekSomethingSpeakSomething

“Seek something, speak something.”

Seek & be kind fellow Seekers ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”

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