D.S. Journal entry 6/8/2018 “PC is killing US (personally and as a NATION)”~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess

pc finally did it

Good morning fellow Seekers,

Hopefully this day finds you in good health and your wallets getting fatter (I know mine is). This entry is going to take a bit of a personal turn, but is absolutely asymptomatic of what is becoming an epidemic. The narrative being pushed by the Elite Leftists at the top of the proverbial food chain,. All the way down to the actual working stiffs at the bottom.

I was on FB yesterday checking in on DSJ’s page as I often do and saw that a friend of mine PC (those are his real initials, I swear) had dropped a comment on a tweet that had shared to my personal page earlier (it’s set to do so). The tweet…

“1 year, 21 days and the WITCH HUNT continues. Now Mueller wants all witnesses cell phones? What’s next? Their hard drives? Will they be able to smash phones and acid wash hard drives? Just wondering.


…then PC‘s remark…

“Parroting Hannity, Kev?”

I found that to be VERY strange because I would bet a years salary that PC never watched a full episode of Hannity. So how and why did he elude to my supposed “Parroting” as he called it? I found out how PC dove wholeheartedly to that assumption.

Watching Hannity this morning (thank God for DVR) I then saw all the hub bub about how all the rags and the MSM were up in arms about Hannity’s supposed legal advise on how to treat their cell phones and hard drives should Mueller ask for them. Every printed rag from GQ to Vanity Fair were echoing the supposed load of liberal BS. As well as online MSM sources. The list of sites and papers that jumped on the supposed transgressions committed by Hannity was an outright JOKE.

I found PC‘s source!!! It wasn’t like it was that hard to do. The very person that was calling me a parrot of Hannity’s material, was in FACT the PARROT. This is what is driving me absolutely bats**t crazy with these puppets.They don’t realize that they are the ones doing the elite left’s bidding. As well as Putin’s and the Russian oligarchs.

Another aspect that kills me about this is that PC is like a lot of others doing this parroting or echoing of all this spoon fed crap being put out on a daily basis by these leftist asshats. The fact or what I thought was fact, is I took PC to be smarter than he presents. It is actually sad to say but I have lost a lot of faith in several of my closest friends through this whole debacle. From the time Trump came down the escalator to now.

What will it take to wake PC and the rest of them up from this crazy dream they seem to be caught up in and or selling out to? They constantly echo the crap that is being fed to so called journalists and TV commentators who read teleprompters literally telling them what to say. They are not reporters anymore. They are puppets having heir strings pulled. They can’t even think for themselves anymore. You can tell this as you watch just about any channel’s coverage. 90-91% negative and the verbiage is all the same from station to station. From paper to radio station or podcast. An absolute echo chamber that is tearing this country apart.

That was the whole point of any Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Not to change any votes or sway the voting either way. It was to simply sew discord in to the fabric of our Republic and have us going at each other. Score a HUGE one for Putin. He and those with him got exactly what they wanted. All the way to rumors of CW2 on the horizon. Good job. You gotta give them that.

So why am I picking on PC so hard? Well, because he was the lucky one that broke the proverbial camel’s back (with me anyway). Yes PC is the popular acronym for “Political Correctness”, but it is that same PC or interpretation of that term that is tearing US and or the U.S. apart. It is PC‘s version of PC if you will. The BS being pushed by the elite left is being intertwined into the fabric of what has become the new PC. A hard line left approach that has brainwashed these dolts and left them as brainless as the robots pushing the programming. Absurd? Not really. They’ve been behind the scenes pushing this ideology for YEARS. Slowly but surely making it the new norm. At least as far as the liberal, left and hard line democrats are concerned.

From the two tiered justice to the weaponizing of our justice system. It has gone unchecked for way too long and is in need of the DRAINING that Trump and his hard line supporters ran on in 2016 and will run on in the upcoming mid-term elections in November. Get on it Mr. President! You’ve been doing a great job with the economy and in other areas that you promised that you’d hammer on, but the SWAMP is the most important issue at this point and is in need of way more attention.

So, yes. Those of US who are center-right can be pointed at and told we are an echo chamber as well, but there’s one thing wrong with that. There are 63+ million of US (a growing number mind you) that won in 2016. We have no need to stand around either making up outright lies about the POTUS or bashing him and his administration down in the hopes that he FAILS. If he fails…we all do. Center-right doesn’t want that. That much is apparent. It’s those center-left that can’t get over the major case of butt-hurt they suffered November 8th 2016. Pretty simple when you do the math.

So, with all that said. PC needs to be redefined in these most audacious of times. I believe it should be PATRIOTISM before POLITICAL. So I think we should find our new PC or “Patriotic Correctness” if you will and put the political aside. It is destroying US make no mistake. PC, myself and all of US need to find common ground and define our PC. For the good of our country and the country we leave behind for those who follow us. “Patriotic Correctness” is EXACTLY what this country needs.

Now, fellow Seekers. I’m not saying we give in. I’m saying there has to be some compromise. Just like our POTUS, we need to learn the “Art of the DEAL”. The left and those who support their agenda and ideology have a lot more soul searching and bending to do for sure. So that’ll take some patience on our part (I know mine had worn thin at the start of this entry) and maybe even some prayers. I do pray that we find some middle ground. Sooner than later.

Whew, that was a long one fellow Seekers. See what taking a breath can do? Try it some time when you think you’ve reached the end of your strength. Stay strong and stay firmly planted in the belief that we will get through these most trying of times. We’ll leave it there for now.

#SeeSomethingSaySomething #SeekSomethingSpeakSomething

Seek & be kind fellow Seekers ~ Kevin “Doc” Burgess of DSJ

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Veritas vos liberabit, “The truth shall set you free”




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