IG Report Eerily Reminiscent of Comey’s Exoneration of Hillary; Long List of Violations, Yet None Affected Key Decisions of Case ~ Elizabeth Vaughn (gellerreport.com)

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The IG’s report, while damning…ended as another “Whitewash” of the material within. Over 500 pages that is riddled with political biases, he somehow concludes that none of it was laced within the decision making of those on the 7th floor of the FBI. How much more do you need Mr. Horowitz?

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The long-awaited DOJ Inspector General (IG) report concludes that, although many FBI officials “exhibited inappropriate hostility and political opposition to then-candidate Donald Trump,” their biases did not harm the integrity of the investigation.

The report is oddly reminiscent of Comey’s Hillary Clinton exoneration statement. It lists numerous violations of standard DOJ/FBI operating practices in their investigation, yet the IG concludes that none of them affected the core judgement of top officials.

The IG excused one wrongful act after another in this stunning report. Allegations were made, and then dismissed, due to the lack of evidence connecting specific allegations to the key decisions of the case.

“Death by a thousand eighths” is a Wall Street expression, which refers to a stock losing 1/8 of a point in value each day over a long period of time. Eventually, an investor has a major loss on their hands. But it happens so slowly, and the loss per day is so small, that the investor remains in the position believing the price will turn around. One day, the investor must face the facts and take the loss.

Similarly, there were so many small, and not so small, pieces of evidence of intentional wrongdoing on the part of DOJ/FBI officials in the handling of this case and together, they add up to an enormous case against them. Yet somehow, the IG looks at each one separately and finds that none of them affected the outcome of the case.

Sean Hannity breaks it all down in his Thursday night opening monologue (please see video below). His key takeaway is that the IG report is a “swamp document. And the swamp always protects the swamp.”

He reminds us that “the facts of this case are not in dispute. The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.” He outlines the facts below:

1. Hillary violated the espionage act.

2. She mishandled and destroyed classified, top-secret, special access information.

3. She deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails.

4. She acid-washed her hard drive with Bleach Bit so they couldn’t retrieve the subpoenaed emails. She had her aides destroy her mobile devices with hammers.

It sure looks like criminal behavior to me.

Kristian Saucier, who I wrote about here, (recently pardoned by Trump) spent a year in prison for taking several photos of the classified section of the submarine he was working on. He is preparing to sue the DOJ, James Comey, and former President Obama for unequal treatment under the law. He claims, correctly, that a two-tier justice system exists in the U.S. The conclusions of the IG report prove this.

The full IG report can be read here.

The report includes evidence that the DOJ withheld from Congress such as newly revealed text exchanges between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Page: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”

Strzok: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

The following is only a partial list of other noteworthy takeaways from the report:

1. James Comey is attacked for writing a letter to notify Congress that the FBI was reopening the email case against Hillary 11 days before the election.

2. Unsurprisingly, Comey was attacked for issuing his Hillary exoneration statement without speaking to his superior, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and other acts of insubordination.

3. Comey’s July 2016 exoneration statement said it was “possible” that Hillary’s emails were hacked by a foreign actor. The IG report said the email accounts of her aides were “definitely” hacked and allowed hostile foreign actors access to her emails.

4. The report states that Comey “used a personal email account to conduct unclassified FBI business” and that he did so in circumstances that were “inconsistent with Department policy.” The report also says that Strzok and Page used personal email accounts to conduct FBI business as well.

5. Barack Obama was one of 13 individuals who communicated with Hillary on her private email account.

6. Loretta Lynch was attacked for meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix days before Hillary’s exoneration. Bill Clinton last night said he was “offended” by this criticism. Bill, please!

7. The report criticizes Loretta Lynch and then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates for being “excessively passive in asserting their own authority. Faced with an FBI director whose modus operandi was to make important decisions on his own authority and dare his superiors to order him to stop, they consistently failed to take that action. If Comey’s behavior in July 2016 was insubordination, they tolerated it. And if his October letter was bad judgment, they didn’t try to stop him.”

I have a question for IG Horowitz: At what point do all of these so called improprieties, errors in judgement, miscommunications and minor violations of standard operating procedure, taken together, amount to a rigged outcome?

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