Democrat Rep uses art display photo to accuse Donald Trump of stealing personal items from immigrants

Echoes lies and disgusting propaganda. What the left is made of…

America's Watchtower

  Two things are en vogue with the Democrats and the mainstream media right now: the first is calling Donald Trump Hitler and his supporters Nazis, and the second one is using either manipulated or old pictures to prove the point.

  I am of course referring to the way the immigration crisis is being covered and I believe the deception I am referring to started at the end of May when a picture was making the rounds which showed two children laying on the floor in cages. We were told this was an example of how children are being treated under Donald Trump’s immigration policy only to learn the picture was taken during Barack Obama’s Presidency. This is the picture I am referring to:


  And it has continued since that time; over and over we have seen pictures on social media purporting to show the horrible conditions the…

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